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N°124 - Quatrième trimestre 2018

La lettre diplometque
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Diplomatie & Défense
La lettre diplometque
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The Diplomatic Letter affords readers an opportunity to discover regular interviews with key actors in the world of diplomacy and international relations. Its articles present the insights and prognoses of experts who keep close watch on the fast-changing geopolitical and strategic landscape, and carefully analyze the stakes of globalization.

We have created an on-line  version of the quarterly review we founded in 1988, which now is accessible to all on our web site. We hope it proves to be of great value to everyone with a keen interest in foreign policy, defense issues, and bilateral and multilateral cooperation. It should also be helpful to those interested in theever wider role international and intergovernmental organizations are playing in their respective spheres of action in the political, economic, cultural, linguistic, scientific and technological arenas. Modern-day diplomacy offers afascinating and broad area of study. While resolving conflicts peacefully and building good relations between nations and regional groupings remain its primary mission, diplomatic actions have branched out considerably. In recentyears, with the globalization of exchanges, the diplomatic arena has widened and taken on brand-new dimensions, as seen in the rise of “parliamentary diplomacy,” “economic diplomacy,” and “cultural diplomacy.”The Diplomatic Letter examines all the different aspects of diplomacy. We look at international exchanges from a certain perspective: from a French, European and Francophone standpoint. We also highlight the ties being forged between local and regional bodies, which are finding new ways to cooperate and thus offer a telling reflection of emerging global trends. The great wealth of texts we have amassed over the years will gradually be put on-line and updated.
We hope they will give readers a better view of the evolution of relations between nations, and help them understand the underlying objectives and measures taken to promote universal values, build peace and democracy, and ensure the well-being of the world’s peoples. These principles – which have been fostered in the spirit of the Charter of the United Nations, signed more than sixty years ago, at the end of World War Two – are now more relevant than ever.


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